YAWOSUP Has been a registered Community Based Organisation 

since 2008 in Western Kenya

YAWOSUP has been a mission partner of Ashtead Parish Church since 2010 and

the support received, including funds generously donated in memory of

Barbara leighton, have greatly enhanced and expanded the work

YAWOSUP reaches out to both Widows and Orphans by provision of education, creating

better living conditions and income generating projects. This enables them to create

a sustainable way of living within their own villages.



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Messages from Edward Wata - Director



To our precious supporters, receive Calvary greetings from Kenya. 

As we advance towards the end of this year 2020, it is my pleasure to express our appreciation to you all for your generous contributions especially during the hard times of Covid 19. Despite the fact that you were most hard hit by this phenomenon, your love towards us did not fade. 

Though we were unable to support you in any way, our prayers for you have never ended. God has always remained faithful to answer our prayers. I am confident as I say this because God has surely protected our close friends and supporters in UK. 

I am so happy to report that, amidst this mess of Corona, when many lost hope as most institutions remained closed, through your support, we have been able to provide relief food, e-learning gadgets[ Radio, tablets, phones], farm input and many other things that kept our target groups safe, healthy and e-learning possible for our children. 

Through your support, we also managed to contain our youths by creating programmes that engaged them in positive and economic activities as can be seen in the latest report below

May God richly bless you and enable you to cross over to 2121. As a person called to bring hope to the hopeless, I must confess that, though the year 2020 was a year of challenges, the challenges have moved us to a higher level as an organisation. 

We have greatly progressed in terms of infrastructure, communication among many others. We are glad to inform our supporters that YAWOSUP activities can now be found in our umbrella organization [Apostolic Missions International] website at www.apostolicmissionsinternational.org under community development department.



 Dear Esteemed Partners, The Chairperson, World Mission Team The Chairperson Rehema Trust 


 Receive greetings from Kenya and especially YAWOSUP C.B.O in Jesus Name. As we all struggle to come to terms with CORONAVIRUS Pandemic, we want to thank you for your expression of love to us. 

World Mission Team has been a long-term Partner to us enabling us to create a great impact in our community. Through your support, many of the widows, who lacked shelter are now living normal life. Many children have been sponsored in education. Some of them are now managing their own families. I am so glad that one of the children you helped us to raise is now serving in the USA government as a military Doctor. This credit goes back to God and you. 

By the grace of God we have managed to train the widows in entrepreneurship and now some of them are able to do tailoring, knitting, soap making and small scale business enabling them to support their families. All these have been because of your support. 

In 2013, through your support, we saw the need to start a school in a village, where there was a lot of illiteracy and school dropout. By the grace of God and through one soul that went to rest with the Lord, our beloved mum Barbara Leighton, whom we have named the school after because of her love for children, Rehema Trust was registered as a charity. This Trust has done a tremendous job and has given me a lot of courage to face the future. The school is fully surviving because of the Trust as many of the children cannot even afford to pay 2 dollars per month. Through Rehema Trust, we have not only provided education but quality education. We are proud of you. 

I cannot forget to thank some individuals who have for a period of time donated huge amount of money to support our work. May God richly bless you. Brother Malcolm as your coordinator has done a tremendous job to ensure that funds are availed in good time. He has remained to be a great friend of mine and my family. He has always stood with me in all situations and this has enabled me to dedicated my life to the service of the Lord. May God extend his days to fulfill God’s task in his life. 

I am sorry that we planned as human beings that some of you may visit us this year but due to the current situation, it was not possible. It is our prayer that God will enable you to do it next year. May the Peace of the Lord be with you all. We love you all, we love Ashtead Parish. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Shalom. Psalm 41:1-2

Pastor Edward Wata YAWOSUP DIRECTOR 


To all YAWOSUP supporters, receive Christmas and Happy New year greetings in Jesus Name. 

The year 2019 has been a year of great challenges in life yet most blessed year since we began our partnership with Ashtead Parish and Rehema Trust. I say this because by God’s grace, through your support, we have achieved more than our expectations. 

As can be seen in our previous reports for this year, the Lord has been so gracious to us and may He receive all the glory and honor as you help us create a great impact in our community which has been hopeless in the past. 

We are so excited as we move towards achieving our goal of empowering widows and caregivers of OVC to be self-sustained while we also proving conducive environment for quality education for orphans and vulnerable children. 

I am also grateful to Ashtead Parish Church for the extra support they gave which enabled us to equip Barbara Academy to the required standard leading to the provisional registration of the school. 

May the good Lord richly bless you as cross over to the year 2020.I believe the Lord has even greater things in store for us in the New Year. God bless you all. 

Rev. Edward Wata 


To our dear friends and sponsors, Receive greetings from YAWOSUP family in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Happy New Year to you all. 

By the grace of God we managed to go through the year 2018 with a lot of confidence we got through your support. We thank God for the trust you have given us as we all aim as giving hope and good future to the needy. As the bible records in that blessed is he who considers the poor, we all join hands to enjoy this promise from the Lord. 

We are even more encouraged by the fact that Rehema Trust continues to grow as we have already received the first disbursement for the 2019 funding. Through this quick response, we have managed to quickly take one total orphan to a boarding secondary school and bought school uniform to needy children. We hope to see the greater heights the Lord is taking us in this New Year. 

God bless you all. 

Rev.Edward Wata Director


Your contributions have enabled us to change lives through provision of shelters,

education sponsorship and economic empowerment to the less fortunate members of

our community. We express gratitude to all of you who have contributed.

The year 2017 began well though with its own challenges including prolonged drought

which has caused havoc in m,any parts of Kenya.

During this April holidays, we had students taking computer courses while other teenage

mothers/girls did their tailoring courses.

We managed to sponsor needy students in both Secondary Schools and Colleges.

Climate change has contributed to a great confusion in Kenya as far as farming is

concerned........... many farmers had a great loss last year due to lack of regular rainfall.

We managed to support a member whos house was burnt down. We are grateful that

she now has a new home.

Rev.Edward Wata Director

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