• The decision of the Kenya Government to compensate for the extended school closure during 2020 by scheduling 4 terms – not the usual 3 - with shorter holidays. This will add to our normal operating costs plus 
  • Continued provision of face masks for all pupils – estimated cost £60 pm 
  • Addition of the final year (Grade 6) to complete development of the primary school in July 2021. This will involve:- 
  • Recruitment of an additional teacher at a salary of £75 pm approx 
  • Purchase of additional classroom resources – textbooks etc 
  • Construction of an additional classroom has already been funded by a generous new donor 
For these reasons, our 2021 Budget has had to exclude provision for:- 
  • External Visits, from which the pupils benefited greatly in 2019 – estimated cost £150 
  • Play/Sports Equipment – especially for the older pupils 
  • IT Equipment – specifically, replacement of a couple of old laptop computers, used primarily for vital administration and record-keeping – estimated cost £150 each 
 Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the charity sector generally and has highlighted many worthy causes, both close to home and further afield. However, any additional donations will really make a huge difference. 

Fundraising - Covid-19 Appeal May 2020

1.Provision of affordable gadgets for each family i.e. smartphone (for older pupils) or radio (for younger pupils) to enable the children to access the government’s e-learning resources
2.Provision of farm input to the parents to do proper farming that will enable them to have food in four months’ time. Food is essential for the children’s learning
3.Provision of learning materials for children while at home
4.Provision of relief food to support the needy families at this time of crisis

If we succeed to get funds, we will use the WHO and Ministry of Health guidelines to ensure that we access foodstuffs to the most needy families, we provide farm input and smart phones or radios to these families to enable their vulnerable children to access e-learning like the rest of the children. This will be possible, since we have qualified staff members, who are committed to serving the community. We will be able to monitor the progress and report to our supporters 
1. Provide Farm Inputs (seed/fertiliser) to 6o Barbara Academy parents/caregivers at the cost of Kshs.1000 (£8) each                   TOTAL  Ks60,000 (£480)
2. Provide smartphones to 20 families at the cost of Kshs.4,000 (£32) each TOTAL  Ks80,000 (£640) 
3. Provide simple radios to 40 families at the cost of Kshs. 1,200 (£9) each TOTAL Ks48,000 (£360) 
4. Provide learning materials - i.e. pens, crayons, exercise books, rubbers etc. to 83 learners at the cost of Kshs.500 (£4) each        TOTAL Ks41500 (£332) 
TOTAL Kshs.229,500 (£1812)
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