Edward Wata - YAWOSUP Director

Edward Wata was brought up from 3 yrs of age as a partial orphan by his late mother Margaret, who died in 2017. Margaret worked as a house-maid to support her family but life was a constant struggle, especially during times when she could not find work and she relied on a kindly neighbour to make sure her children had something to eat.
Somehow, it became possible for Edward to complete his primary school education and move on to secondary school, despite the fees payable. Since then, after a short period working for a construction company, he has dedicated his life to helping others.
Malcolm Leighton (Trustee) and Edward first met in 2004 during Malcolm's first visit to Kenya, which resulted in another local UK charity (Rianna's Fund) establishing its first project - Rianna's Furaha Children's Home in Yala, near Kisumu in Western Kenya - Edward was appointed its first Manager in 2005. He left that position in 2006 to expand his involvement in local community development, resulting in the formation of Yala Widows & Orphans Support Project - a fully registered Community Based Organisation - in 2008.

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