Barbara Academy

  • Barbara Academy is a project which is operated by YAWOSUP [Yala Widows and Orphans Support Project], providing good quality local nursery and primary education in poverty-stricken rural Western Kenya.
  • The need to start Barbara Academy arose when it was realised that poverty was affecting education in Kojuok village as many children were starting Early Childhood Education [E.C.D] at an older age due to the lack of family income to pay fees and the long journeys involved to reach existing schools. 
  • Barbara Academy was started on 7th January 2013 with funds from the World Mission budget, an outreach programme of the Parish of Ashtead. 
  • In Kenya access to good education is seen as vital for those seeking to escape the poverty, which so many experience through the ongoing impact of AIDS, of climate change on their ability to rely upon subsistence farming to feed their families and the general lack of opportunity to reach their individual potential.
  • 87 students currently attend Barbara Academy.

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