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Rehema Trust was first registered by the UK Charity Commission in Nov 2017, since when a group of donors have joined us to support the work, which you can find more detail on within this website.  
Although our focus for the time being will be the support and development of Barbara Academy, we hope in time that funds will permit us to support other aspects of the community development work undertaken by our principal partner Yala Widows & Orphans Support Project (YAWOSUP).

Situated on the equator on Africa's east coast, Kenya has a population of more than 50 million people, comprising of some 40 different tribes. Kenya's ethnic diversity has produced a vibrant culture but is also sometimes a source of conflict, as was the case so disastrously after the 2007 presidential election. 
2017 showed that this still remains a risk, although the political situation in Kenya is currently much more stable. External threats include the Islamist militant Al-Shabab movement, active in neighbouring Somalia, which has launched attacks in Kenya over recent years. 
Other pressing challenges include high unemployment, crime and poverty. Climate change, including severe droughts frequently puts millions of people at risk.
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